Baguio Oil, the brand that has been a household name for over the past eight decades, was first introduced to Filipino consumers in 1932 when the Cheng Ban Yek family established the International Oil Factory (IOF), the first locally owned cooking oil factory in the country.

Using only the finest ingredients and produced under the strictest of standards, Baguio Oil was able to compete at that time with foreign coconut cooking oil brands in the country and eventually eased them out of the market. It did not take long before Baguio Oil captured a lion’s share of the market.

Aggressive marketing and advertising were used to further push the quality brand. Baguio Oil’s “Order ni Mrs” campaign of 1962 is arguably one of the most successful and effective advertising campaigns for a local brand. With the brand’s association with a tagline that became so popular and achieved top-of-mind recall, Baguio Oil became a household name.

Through the Cheng Ban Yek family’s vision and perseverance, Baguio Oil became a staple in every kitchen. From its roots in Binondo, Baguio Oil found its way into the homes and hearts of Filipino families all over the country. The Baguio Vegetable Oil, which is 100% coconut oil, became the brand of choice among Filipinos.

In recent years, Baguio Oil has introduced other cooking oil variants to add to its original flagship product Baguio Vegetable Oil. Baguio Oil expanded its product line in July 1999 to include the Baguio Corn Oil which caters to the growing population of health-conscious consumers. In May 2006, the Baguio Canola Oil was made available in the market, providing more healthy cooking oil choices. It is currently one of the leading canola oil brands.

By July 2009, the Baguio Oil line of products has further grown to include the Baguio Premium Palm Oil, a 100% premium refined palm oil positioned to compete with other premium palm oil brands. In May 2011, the Baguio Orchids brand Vegetable Oil, a 100% refined palm oil, became the latest addition to the Baguio cooking oils.

Baguio Oil’s reputation of being the Filipinos’ brand of choice is further confirmed by the numerous awards it has received from both industry professionals and consumer groups. Beginning 1999, Baguio Oil has consistently been named a Gold Awardee in the “Best cooking oil” category of the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands based on votes by the consumers. It has also won in the National Shopper’s Choice Annual Awards, National Product Quality Excellence Awards, Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards, National Consumers Quality Awards, and Parangal ng Bayan.