“Food is essential to life; therefore make it good.” – Anonymous

Cooking is a basic skill everyone should learn. And of course what better way to enjoy learning this skill than learning recipes that will tickle your taste buds but still give you a nutritious meal. Chef Pablo Boy Logro, known Filipino celebrity chef, recently held a cooking series at the Food and Drinks Asia 2016 in World Trade Center and at the 30 th National Coconut Week in SM Megatrade Hall. Teaching moms, dads, everyone, on how to eat yummy and cook healthy.

Chef Boy introduced numerous recipes in these events, four of which the audience truly enjoyed. First was his savory dish that just melts in your mouth, Pan Grilled Chicken Caprese in Coconut Lemon Grass Sauce. The sauce itself was great but combining it with the chicken just makes it a perfect must try meal. The Second recipe was the juicy and truly mouthwatering, extra-lutong Boneless Crispy Pata Ala Pobre. This is the meal that fits perfectly in any reunion. Everyone in your reunion would want you to cook this again and again. Third is the simple yet scrumptious Bangus/Tofu Sisig Spring Roll. Not just great food during reunions, but also perfect for the “baon” of the kids and a dinner with the family. Lastly, was the Ginataang Monggo at Mais (Lelot Balatong). If your children are quite reluctant when it comes to eating their veggies, this is the recipe you should try, the meal that would fool them into wanting to have more and more veggies.

There were 50 lucky winners that were given the chance to get free entrance tickets to the Food and Drinks Asia 2016 and also a meet and greet with Chef Pablo Boy Logro himself.

In all the recipes Chef Boy taught to the audience, there was one ingredient he used and highlighted in keeping your meals a healthy but delicious meal. Using Baguio Oil is a sure way to make your cooking experience an easier process. It does not only help bring out the true flavors of your ingredients but it also makes each meal a heart-healthy meal. Low in unhealthy saturated fat; this makes it perfect for the little kids, so that in a young age they start eating healthy. It has a long shelf life, has great digestive benefits and improves ones immune system.

Not only does the brand promote eating healthy but it also promotes living healthy. There are posts in their Facebook page that promotes doing physical activities such as swimming, Zumba, walking, etc. to their readers so that they could immerse themselves on how to live out a healthy lifestyle and they also include in their posts what food is best to intake for each activity. For example, Baguio Oil encourages swimming as an activity that helps increase your endurance and buildup ones muscles. And eating pasta and whole rice meals boosts up ones energy for such an intensive activity. This teaches their readers how to not just rely on one aspect in keeping themselves healthy.

Baguio Oil is truly the must have brand in any and all kitchens.

Chef Boy’s Cooking Series